TYPE is an award winning architecture office created by Sam Nelson, Tom Powell, Ogi Ristic and Matt Cooper in 2013, having worked together informally for several years through education, practice and research. Combining mutual and diverse interests, TYPE works collectively to create buildings to inspire and fulfil the people who use them. TYPE is based in London and works on projects across the UK and in Europe.

Core principles of TYPE include architecture’s responsibility to the environment and the public. TYPE seek to minimise the consumption of energy and resources, enhance ecology, and strengthen the social value and inclusiveness of architecture.

TYPE believes architecture is an important form of expression for our time, and that it can create places and experiences which are meaningful and powerful representations of the society in which we live. TYPE aims to create an architecture of change that responds to the pollution, noise, and congestion of life; an architecture of light, freedom, and nature.

While acknowledging and respecting the history of architecture TYPE want to create progressive, liberal, and democratic buildings which are articulated with simplicity, clarity, and honesty. Proposals seek to engage all the senses of perception to form environments which relate to our most visceral and basic instincts. To do this TYPE pare architecture to its barest, and most essential characteristics in order to affirm the importance of architecture in a fragile and ever changing world.

Projects draw upon influences that are contextual in their response to a specific site and location, yet also on a multitude of international themes to make buildings that are both local and universal, timeless and contemporary. TYPE looks beneath the surface, beyond the superficial and subjective, to uncover the essence of building which is expressed through the age-old laws of architecture: structure, material, and form.